I'm back!

December 11th, 2012
Nothing like taking an 18 month break to get things all in perspective! But yes, I'm back. We're in a new house and my eldest is settled and flourishing at school. So I figure it's time to bring the languages thing back onto the front burner. I found a great book to get me going at the local library. It is called "Play and Learn French". It basically goes through your daily routine and gives French phrases and sentences for each activity. So I photocopied 4 pages: getting up, lunchtime, bathtime, going to bed. I've sticky taped them up around the walls to encourage me to speak French to the kids. Yesterday, my youngest got quite worked up and said, "Stop speaking French!" So I am going to have to go softly, softly with him. I did eventually change to English so that he would calm down enough to eat his breakfast. I remember his older brother doing the same thing when he was that age. Now my eldest can read a little bit and can get in the swing of things more. He worked out for himself that "Flugzeug" meant plane because he read the word and connected it to the picture. (Yes we are still doing German as well- but French seems to dominate at the moment) He was very proud of himself.

a big sigh of relief

June 27th, 2011
So as you know I have been doing fun things lately like taking M to appointments and filling out forms for funding. Well, today I received some nice affirmation.

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some things I've been thinking about

June 23rd, 2011
Can we take a more therapeutic approach to language learning? My son needs to work on his social skills. Turn taking, greeting people, asking questions to get the information he wants. All this would be perfect in the language classroom. Surely there is some research out there about special needs and learning a second language? Lalou

time to change blog format?

June 17th, 2011
So, is it time to change what I do on this blog and where we are going? I think so. And I've been inspired by having a look at some craft blogs and some housework blogs. I like the 'How to' approach. So I think I will be putting on more pictures and different things to attract more readers to the site. Stay tuned... Lalou

Niche within a niche

June 15th, 2011
So where does this leave me in regards to teaching my boys French and German? It's still full steam ahead.

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